Home Automation

InstallsPlus & Crestron is the prefect combo for bring home automation  right to your finger tip. The use of your smartphone, tablet, and smart watches to control your lights, audio, alarm, climate, and shades.

From the moment you wake to when your head hits the pillow at night, Crestron Pyng makes life easier, more enjoyable, and more secure. Watch the video to see how Crestron Pyng seamlessly blends into your daily routine, whether you’re at home or away, so you stay connected to what’s most important

Watch this short video to see how pyng from crestron and the installation by InstallsPlus can make controlling you home from inside to anywhere in the world made easy.


Stay connected with Pyng

Once Crestron Pyng™ is installed by an authorized dealer, the homeowner can easily update and create lifestyle scenes, schedule events, and set automated actions right from the app on the iPad. It’s quick and easy, and all settings are saved in the cloud, so you can’t lose or break anything

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